The Spadoodles Way – Shopping

Shopping with us is fun. The great prices, your favorite name brands all in one place, the exceptional customer service or the upbeat, current music… one is bound to grab your interest. We prefer simplicity, so everything is organized by size and color. This makes putting together a particular outfit easy to find.

We sell clothes and accessories for 60-80% less than retail value; brand new items still with tags closer to 50%.  For example, if you purchase a pair of blue jeans from American Eagle, you might pay around $50. With Spadoodles, you can purchase three pairs of the same type jeans and still have money left to burn a hole in your pocket.

Instead of going from one store to another in desperate search for all your favorite name brands, we do all the work for you. Spadoodles is a one-stop shop-till-you-drop store! One shopping trip with us provides you everything you want. Do you desire Hollister tees, Polo’s from Ralph Lauren, a cute Coach purse, Buckle jeans, a Children’s Place hoodie, an adorable Mud Pie outfit or Ugg boots… we have it! We are all about having the most popular fashions for children, teens and adults; it’s what we do!
Customer service sets us apart from all other clothing stores. An employee or an owner willingly greets each customer coming through the door with a “Hey, how are you doing?” or “Hello, welcome to Spadoodles.” We thrive on enjoying the moment and helping you in any way we can. Each song that plays in the store is for your enjoyment. We sing along here and there to most of the songs, and love the fact that most of our customers do the same.

When leaving Spadoodles, you can have your favorite name brands, save money, and be in a great mood. We’ll see you soon!