Our Story

We are a very forward thinking, public serving business. We strive to continuously evolve and expand with the future to always achieve outstanding customer service combined with a pleasantly enjoyable shopping experience. The items found in our store consist of excellent quality, latest styles and modern fashion all at an affordable price.  At all times, this endeavor we daily work towards cannot be fully complete without openness to fresh ideas and new opinions.

Spadoodles Clothing Exchange concepts began during the holiday season of 2007.  I took my daughter and two sons shopping for new clothes at the mall. After this very costly shopping trip, my family and I discussed a more methodical and reasonable way to shop. Our idea was born. Name brand fashionable clothes, cash on the spot and cooperative customer service began the planning phase. The preparation and development progressed until the timing seemed right in 2011.  During July 2011, we put in endless hours finalizing the location and priming the store. The first six weeks consisted of purchasing clothes and accessories to fill the 2,400 square foot store. Finally, the last week of August 2011, Spadoodles Clothing Exchange opened to buy and sell popular name brand clothing and accessories for children through adults. The vision created came full circle.

Presently, we manage a day-to-day operation which comes with great satisfaction from each customer’s joyful expression. We understand that providing clothes and accessories for a family is not an easy or practical task when following a budget. With only positive intentions, we hope to help out teenagers, the American family, young adults and people on a strict budget to save and make money while achieving the latest fashionable styles.

Best regards,

The Brooks Family